Truck tents are becoming increasingly popular amongst campers and outdoor lovers. That is because they’re convenient, they’re affordable, they’re multi-purpose and they’re long lasting, to name a few benefits. Truck tents also provide outdoor comfort. They are perfect size for individual, couples or small families. For the price one would pay for a one night stay in the nicest of hotels, you could invest in a truck tent and get several years of use out of it. There are several truck tent brands on the market to choose from, including Kodiak canvas truck tent, Sportz truck tent and Napier Outdoors backroads tent. Reviews of these products to follow soon.

Vehicle Tent Benefits

As for the benefits, let’s begin with convenient. Truck tent folds nicely into a storage pouch with handles, making it easy to carry and small enough to store anywhere. When folded in their carrying case, they of course fit nicely into a truck bed with the rest of your gear! Additionally, since the tent itself goes on the bed of the pickup truck, it saves space in the camping ground. All that free spaces lets you grill more or play more and not have to worry about getting tangled in a tent. Setup is fairly simple of the tents and usually assembly is done in no more than 20 minutes. It may require you to get into the bed of the truck to assemble the poles, but should not be much of a hassle. The bottom of the tent is usually secured with ties around the bed of the truck, while the top is secured with traditional type tent poles. Many truck tent manufacturers color code the tent poles to help with assembly. There are two types of truck beds; ones with floors and ones without. Both assemble easily, the only difference is that with a floored truck tent, you’d have to take your stuff out of the bed of your truck. If not, just put the tent together with your things already inside.

Additionally, truck tents are affordable. Low end models start online around $80 dollars and go up from there. Price depends on brand, size and durability. When looking for a durable truck tent, look for the canvas material, the way it helps keep water out and if it’s breathable. These are important features of having a good tent. It’s great if it keeps the water out, but not if it doesn’t let airflow in. The Sportz truck tent from, has an extended awning on the tent, which would allow a person to sit comfortably underneath it in a chair and receive shaded coverage. Double check to make sure that the tent itself does fit with your specific model of truck. The 6 ft. Canvas Truck Tent found on, for instance, works with Ford F Series, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan”. There is also a special line of air mattresses for your truck bed that can be purchased separately from the tent. These are designed to fit with the wheel well of the truck bed and makes sleeping in the truck bed much easier. A regular air mattress can fit into the bed of the truck, however, it doesn’t accommodate the wheel well spots and can actually create a rougher night’s sleep. The air mattresses are also fairly affordable, starting around $25 online. Several major online retailers sell both the tent and the mattress, including Amazon, Walmart and Bass Pro, or they can be found in stores at sporting goods stores.

Truck tents are also multi-purpose. Sure, their original purpose to for camping. However, for those outdoor lovers, you can take it along on a day’s hike. Set it up in the truck bed, hike and then come back to a nice, cool spot to relax in. Going fishing to the lake for a day? No problem! Take the truck tent, assemble and then it provides a place of shade and also makes a great place for kids to play in. It could be used on picnics the same way. Plus, many of the truck tents have vent panels in them that can be unzipped for extra air flow in the tent and for keeping bugs out of the tent. These could be used at night as star gazing windows in addition to them bringing extra air in. It would help make the perfect romantic evening in the wilderness for a young couple. If left open overnight, these air vent panels will provide a breathtaking view when you wake up and fresh, wilderness air.

The most important, feature, however, is that a truck tent lets you camp in comfort. Some people may resist the idea of camping because you’re forced to sleep on the ground with insects and creepy crawlies. By getting a truck tent, your sleeping position is elevated, eliminating a lot of that risk and uncomfortableness. This could appeal to women or families especially with small children. Additionally, truck tents can provide better protection from the elements, like rain or snow. Once again, the elevated factor reduces the risk of sleeping in these situations. The actual structure of the tent on the bed of the truck could also act as a protectant from wind and elements, as the bed of the truck will line and protect some of the actual tent and its sleepers.

Truck tents are the latest craze and it’s certainly easy to see why. There are so many benefits to having one. For the price to stay just a single night somewhere, one could instead invest in a truck tent and get years of use and enjoyment out of it. They’re durable and weather resistance but also easy to store and even easier to assemble. Great for couples or kids, the truck tent can provide coverage from the elements and a safe, cool spot for kids to play. More importantly, they get you off the ground and make for a better night sleeping under the stars.

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