This post is going to cover the basics if you’re a beginner at camping or if you are like me and you are always stuck and having those moments where you can’t remember to just bring the right stuff at the right moment! So, I have put together a list of items you would need to have that would make your life a lot easier and things that would come in useful when you are in an emergency. Thank me later.



Being in the great outdoors and enjoying life is great in your camping tent and it is very likely your tent has a fabric that is made out of a material that is protecting you from the sun but I highly doubt you are going to be sitting inside of your tent the entire time. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays so you don’t damage your skin.


This might seem a little too obvious, but depending on where you’re coming from, if you’ve spent most of your life in the city, you’re probably going to forget the little things you take for granted. There’s not going to be a store you can just walk to and buy a drink. Stock up on water. I bring at least a gallon a day to drink for 1 person and another for things like washing your hands and brushing your teeth. Clearing your campsite, setting up the tent and gathering firewood might be more work than you originally anticipated.


Citronella can come in different forms of itself. Manufacturers can make these in candles and in oils. These are widely known to keep the bugs away so mosquitoes are not eating away at you and making your camping experience an unpleasant one. I used to have huge campouts with my family and my father made a huge wooden table and used two citronella candles and we feasted. Those are the times I will never forget because those candles made a difference.


I usually bring a couple extras. When you’re out in the woods camping you should be prepared to start a fire no matter what. Having a fire is necessary if you want a traditional marshmallow roasting or
cooking food. Also depending on how far away from civilization you’re going, having a good lighter is an essential part of being well prepared.

campfire marshmallows

A Good Knife / Hatchet

A good knife is essential when you’re out in the woods. You’ll quickly realize you forgot such a fundamental tool when you’re trying to cut a stick for smores or cut openhatchet for camping the plastic on your hot dogs, there are countless uses. Clearing a camp site goes a lot easier when you have a hatchet or machete to cut down nuisance branches that are in the way and especially for getting firewood ready.

Nuts or Trail Mix

I always loved having trail mix handy. It is a great food to have if you wanted something quick to snack on. Nuts alone are almost a complete meal themselves. They are a high quality source protein, carbs and fats and are a calorie and nutrition dense food that will hold you over until you get a fire going and start cooking, and it is a healthy snack too for your kids if you were taking them along as well!

Camping Chairs

Of course, You would need somewhere to sit down as well! Having some folding chairs would most definitely do you great justice. When you need a place to rest not only resting in your camping shelter or your sun tent will do fine, but your camping chair will also be great for the job!

fishing-poles-picture__galleryFishing Poles

If I went camping, my fishing poles went with me. It is always a great experience when you are camping, then you go fishing. You truly do feel at one with nature. Especially if you catch and keep it and then you grill it.

Handheld Or Over The Fire Grill Grate

These make cooking your food so much easier. Cook right on the open flames or put a pot or a pan on it. There is no mess since everything either burns off or drips into the fire. If you don’t have one of these or forgot one, you can also find a stone that’s been split in half (or split it yourself by slamming it into another rock) and use the flat surface where it broke.



Keeping your perishables on ice is very important. Ice can last in your cooler for days if you use big enough chunks of it. I fill up freezer bags with water and freeze them. These big bags of solid ice will last much longer than the bags of ice cubes you buy at the store. Things like keeping your food and your water cold is essential. Depending on where your campsite is, knowing where your local store is can be super beneficial for your ice supply. Having food get spoiled can really make your camping experience go sour really fast.

Air Mattress

Having an air mattress in your camping tent does make a difference if you were deciding whether or not to use one in your camping trip. It beats sleeping on the hard dirt in a sleeping bag and waking up in pain versus waking up on a comfortable air mattress that wont give you that harsh back ache and make you feel terribly groggy. Setting it up is so easy if you have the inflation device and packing up is just as easy. It is very compact and really does not weight much.


Very obvious, but how many times has your flashlight stopped working where you had to tap it with your hand to get a few more seconds of light.. Don’t get stuck dealing with this problem when you’re out in the woods. Bring an extra, or two, or three. Or get a couple of the big 6 volts and buy fresh batteries. You don’t need to get carried away spending a lot of money here buying gimmicky flashlights with multiple settings of blinking red lights. You can click on the picture to pick one up that is super cheap and lasts forever.

Toilet Paper

If you’re going to one of those campsites where you pay a fee when you drive in, they’re going to have bathrooms, and toilet paper. But what if it’s they run out in the middle of the night. Bring your own just in case.

Paper Towels

I don’t think this one really needs an explanation.


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