So, the summer season is finally here, and you, together with your family or friends, have decided to spend a few days and nights camping on a beach. And now you’re in that spot; the weather looks all right, you take your tent out, unpack it, and find yourself asking how you can set your tent up. Well, if it is so, then this is just the guide for you.

When camping outdoors, one should understand the methods to keep it warm, particularly on the beach where the fierce heat of summer and warm beach wind change to a cold wind during the night. Tent camps on the beach sound energizing, but it can be somewhat troubling as well. A strong wind can blow away a loosely set up tent, which will turn out to be quite disappointing. But when things go right, they can make the whole thing a great experience, worth dwelling in.

Tents can ideally be set up anyplace, but setting up a tent is not very simple on the beach. A beach is a sandy place, and as we know, tents stand with the assistance of solid, hard ground. Sand is fine and smooth, making it hard to be used as a foundation of tents. Luckily, that issue can be sorted out with a few simple and commonplace arrangements. You may look at the sand as your enemy in the whole process of setting up a tent, but worry not; you can use sand as a good buddy to simplify the whole process.

Here are a few tips on you how to effortlessly set up a tent on the beach.

Sand bags? Great Idea!

Starting, you have to choose which spot of the beach you need your beach tent to be put up. Pick a place of your choice, probably somewhere comfortable. When that is done, get your scoop and get busy in digging holes around a few feet from each post of your tent. In this strategy, the space between the tent posts and the dug holes are essential, so make a point to make your estimations exact. Put the burrowed sand inside little plastic waste bags or any bags which are accessible. You may likewise need to stuff more sand inside the bags as you top them off. Additionally, make as many sand bags as you can as you may require a greater amount of them later. At that point, attach each sand sack to each Guy Line Attachment – the rope connections on the sides of the tent.

Let the Rocks Rock

While sand is turns out to be handy, some use rocks instead of sand bags. They wrap and tie each guy line attachment around heavy and big rocks which are found on the beach. They are a great deal heavier than sand bags and can hold tents down quite well. The sand pack strategy, however, is all the more common as it is a great deal less demanding and doesn’t require a lot of effort, particularly with regards to putting down the tent. If you are at a beach where finding rocks are tough, you can use the sand strategy anyway. But in any case, sand bags and rocks can both viably hold down your tent. Only ensure you set them up well.

Time to Cover the Sand Bags

After you tie the bags to the guy lines of your tent, bury them in the hole that you dug before. Put some sand to fill whatever remains of the space in the opening. Push the sand pack and more sand if you need to – just pack it up so that it remains fixed in the ground. You can likewise include rocks to top the gaps. Rocks will make the whole setup heavier, making it hard for the strong winds to dismantle your tent. One of the common mistakes which make is not covering the holes well. An open hole makes the ends loose and when a strong wind hits the shore, the set up is adversely affected.

Tighten Up

You can also work around the tightness of your tent setup. Essentially, put more sand to the sand bags to do as such. The wind on the beach can be somewhat solid. For greater security and steadiness, put those sandbags you’ve made on the layouts of your tent. The bags will help overload the tent. The more bags you include, the more grounded the hold of your tent will get. A weighed down tent helps it stand up against the strong winds on the beach. Putting sandbags on the corners and layout of the tent will also prevent cold winds from entering the tent your tent will stay warm in the night. A sealed tent is a comfortable and warm tent.

Use Water

The things you require to set up a beach camp are readily available on the beach itself. Yes, you do not need to go anywhere else. Beach winds should help you relax, and not destroy and carry away your stuff. When beach winds annoy you, the whole fun of camping tends to go away. In times when solid winds get a tiny bit harder, you’ll require something other than sand to hold up your tent. In this case, water is a boon. No, you do not want water to drink here so you can use sea water as well. Get a jar, fill it with water, and put only a bit of water to the sand inside the bags – do not make them soggy. Likewise, put water to the openings where the sand bags are covered. The water which you will add will make the sand bags heavier and will, accordingly, help to hold your tent better.

With this done, your tent is all ready to give you a camping experience you have always wanted – without much fuss. So get the indoors of your tent ready, have some snacks, take a walk on the beach, play your favourite instrument, sing a song, take pictures, take a dip in the sea, enjoy the sunset – live.

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