Attracted, are you by the thought of being outdoors set up by the fire and having some peace and quiet? Of course you are! But probably put off by the idea of “oh no I have to set up this painfully annoying tent that is such a hassle to set up and takes at least an hour to put together!” Not anymore! What if I told you that there was a tent out there now that literally pops up when you open it up and stands in place in seconds? I sound like I am crazy at this point and you are secretly wishing there was such a tent in existence. There really is such a tent and it is called a pop-up tent and I could never express the amount of relief it gives to people when it comes to setting up and actually having a stress free camping experience.

Instant Pop-up Tent History Lesson 101

These pop up shelters were originally pop up canopy tents for marketplaces that were made out of cheap material. If these were to be destroyed during a storm, they would have easily been replaced. Today, These are have other uses and being made in other ways that make them bigger and they are made with higher quality materials, such as pop-up beach tents and pop up sun tents. The possibilities are really limitless.

“Pop-up canopy tents and pop-up tents are the next generation in tents and they are changing the future in the way we set up our outdoor equipment”

ProductTypeOur RatingPrice
Genji Instant Up Pop Up Park and Beach Sun Shelter Tent

Pop-Up Tent3.5$
Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Pop-Up Tent3.5$
E-Z UP Swift Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy, 12 x 12 ft Blue

Pop-Up Canopy3.5$$
Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Instant Tent -

6 Person
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')

Instant Tent -

8 Person
Lightspeed Outdoors Ample 6-Person Instant Tent, Gray

Instant Tent4$$
Coleman 9 by 5 Feet Teammate Instant Shelter

Instant Tent4.5$
Coleman 13 x 13 Instant Canopy

Instant Canopy4.9$$$
Caravan Canopy Sports 21316200150 Haven Instant Canopy, Beige/Brown

Instant Canopy4.9$$

Types Of Pop-Up Tents

Pop-up tents are light and easy to set up and put away. They do not take up much space especially if you are packing a lot of gear as well. Here are some things to consider when you are thinking about purchasing a pop-up tent:

Single: A Single pop-up tent is really meant for one person, not incredibly spacious but perfect for the one person going camping alone. The small size makes packing super easy and making weight almost equal out to nothing.

Divisible: This would be where the large pop up tent or the “4 man/person pop up tent” would be categorized under. The larger tents like these can offer the privacy by dividing the rooms off and accommodating more people.

Self Expanded: pretty much self explanatory; it sets itself up with a push of a button and no work required on your part.

Instant Tents

What Makes It An Instant Tent?

Instant tents have pre-attached bars that allow for easy set up in a matter of minutes. They also can have up to an 8-person tent plus more. Instant tents have a mesh window that allows a great amount of ventilation and lighting so your tent is not dark or blowing around either. How uncomfortable would that be? Some of the larger instant tents have a screen room so you can lounge on your chairs (not included) and not get eaten alive by pestering mosquitoes and just enjoy the time you have when you are out. Most of these tents are made in a special type of ripstop nylon or waterproof cotton and include a rainfly to keep you dry in case of rainfall.

Types Of Instant Tents

Cabin Tents: These types of tents usually are for larger amounts of people and is incredibly spacious. Most of the time has rooms for privacy.

Dome Tents: Easiest to set up, great for sandy soil. Free standing and can withstand snow. It has two poles crossing one another so it can support weight. It usually comes in handy when it comes to windy situations.

Backpacking Tents: Made specifically for taking up little space among your other gear and being as lightweight as possible. Sets up in just seconds.

Pop Up Tent Reviews

Genji Instant Up Pop-Up Shelter Tent

This product is mainly used for the park and the beach but who is to say that you are limited to these places? This sun shelter pops up in two seconds and packs up in five. The Genji Instant Up Pop Up Sun Shelter Tent folds up into a compact 22 inch circle so if you are not looking for anything bulky then this would be more than perfect for you! The fabric is made out of nylon so it is water resistant and it also has a UV rating of +50. The sides of this sun shelter also has windows so the wind can go right through it instead of blowing this tent around. This also comes with a carrying case and stakes for added stability as well. what more can you ask for!

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is perfect for the spur of the moment festival or backyard party or random outdoor adventure camping trip. This pop up tent can come in two separate sizes and when you are ready to pack up, it packs up flat so you can easily store it. The rainfly is multi positional so you can perfectly balance it. It has great ventilation as well with this pop-up tent. The floor has taped seams so it keeps you dry. The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is made with a nylon ripstop fabric so it also adds to the wetness resistance factor.

Pop-Up Canopy Tent Reviews

E-Z UP Swift Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy

This E-Z UP Swift Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy is extremely versatile. You can change how high or low you want this to sit, you can stake this to the ground or you can weight it to make it more stable. This pop-up shelter also has that ever so famous open top cathedral ceiling for more headroom and the silver coated UV canopy top which is also fire resistant. BUT lets not play with fire ladies and gentleman! This pop-up shelter canopy comes in two sizes and does include it’s own carrying case, spikes and 1-year warranty.

Instant Tent Reviews

Coleman Instant Tent – 6 and 8 person sizes

This is one of the most popular Coleman instant tents out there. If you are looking for a safe bet, then go with the Coleman Instant Tent. You will love the amount of space you will get from the tent. The 6 Person version fits about 2 queen sized air mattresses or six sleeping bags. The material on the tent is made out of polyester so it is breathable but will keep the rain out. This does also include a rainfly so it will also do it’s job at keeping the rain out of the tent as well. There are reflector guy lines for better visibility at night when you are camping out. Setting up and packing up takes about one minute and this weight at about 25 pounds. This is made with steel poles and stands stiff against winds.

Lightspeed Outdoors Ample 6-Person Instant Tent

This instant tent is one of a kind of it’s own. Let us just begin that setting this bad boy up is probably just as easy as setting up a pop-up shelter, but having the strength and sturdiness of an instant tent. The Lightspeed Outdoors Ample 6-Person Instant Tent has a side pull hub that you just pull and it just sets up! how easy does that sound? It literally does all the work for you. Besides that, This instant tent can accommodate two large inflatable mattresses. It has a good balance of ventilation and privacy, the awnings cover the windows so it offers an ample amount of shade as well. The rainfly and the tent itself is made out of polyester so it is a breathable material but it keeps the rain out considerably as well.

Coleman 9 by 5 Feet Teammate Instant Shelter

This is great for going to see a game if you purchased lawn seats, or if you are going to the beach and you want to stay out of the sun! The Coleman 9 by 5 Feet Teammate Instant Shelter has a heavy duty 150 D UVguardT to keep the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your skin. There are water bottle holders so you never lose your drink again! The sun tent has a super large window to provide a well ventilated area so the wind doesn’t blow your tent around and give you an awful experience. You can also retract the sides to control how much privacy you would like! I would say that is a winner!

Instant Canopy Reviews

Coleman Instant Canopy

This instant canopy I would say is by far one of the most attractive ones I have seen. The Coleman Instant Canopy has a square vaulted ceiling instead of the classic open cathedral ceiling. This way it is designed to release trapped heat. It is made with UVguard, so it blocks you from the sun’s harsh rays. This sets up super fast (in just three minutes!) and it has it all set up within three easy steps. This has a steel frame so this will not bend in windy conditions. This releases in the set up as well with push buttons so it is easy with sensitive fingers. This canopy is well worth the dollars. You really cannot go wrong with Coleman.

Caravan Canopy Sports 21316200150 Haven Instant Canopy

This is also a very attractive canopy tent as well! The Caravan Canopy Sports Instant Canopy Tent contains curtains so it gives off that privacy that not many canopy tents include! This is fire resistant and UV resistant as well. This has a gorgeous bronze finish on the steel poles. The canopy looks almost as if it is a fancy gazebo and you paid half the price! but nobody would have had to know that 😉