Benefits of Vehicle Tents

Having a truck tent shelter or a new SUV tent is now the future of camping outdoors. You can have yourself the ease of access of getting your personal belongings right within arms reach. No more of the annoying hassle of having to constantly get up and get out of your tent because you forgot something inside of your vehicle, or you may have left your device in the car as well and wanted to take it off the accessory so the battery does not drain out over the phone and potentially get stuck at your campsite. The convenience of these tents eliminates all of that extra work of getting in and out when you can just climb into your vehicle through the vehicle sleeve of the SUV tent shelter or through the cab of the truck tent. As this is the next generation of camping, tents have evolved in different ways to give campers (depending on the tent) a different experience.

Setting up a truck tent and truck sun shelter is not as hard as it may seem at all! Whether you have just purchased a brand new truck with a full sized truck bed or just finally purchased one of these tents, or got yourself both at once, go you! I will explain to you just how to fully set up your new truck tent to give you the most enjoyable experience you could possibly imagine. If you are driving a vehicle that does not have a truck bed, you are going to be more interested in looking at the SUV tent set up.This article will teach you all the odds and ends about the setup process! I would say that would be a win/win in your favor! Also if you are more of a visual learner, There will be a couple YouTube videos in there for you to help you understand the set up a little better!

Setting Up Your Truck Tent

First thing you are going to always do is open your tailgate to easily set up your tent. Then, you unravel your truck tent from its carrying case. Size it up to the truck bed and on the sides of the truck. Most of the time there are straps that hook around under theTruck Tent Sportz Mossy Oak truck for the stability. Typically, these are the first steps of the setup process. Once all the straps are all hooked into place, then all the fiberglass poles can be inserted. These are the poles that are usually used in instant tents and pop right into place almost “instantly”. Most of the time, the poles and sleeves are color coded so this way the user knows where the poles go and can insert them into the designated sleeve. Once the poles are in there correct sleeves then you put them in their respective pockets or corners to secure them. Once that is done, the interior has to be set up. Truck tents come with mesh accessory holders that need to be set up to complete the setup for the interior. The only thing that you really have to do is to clip in the accessory holder on the top of the tent. Now it is time for the rainfly to get put on! Different tents have their own Sportz Truck Tentways of setting these up and some don’t even have these as an option! Setting this up is just putting this over your tent and just clipping this on where the attachment for it is located on your truck tent. Usually these are located on the sides where the poles are. If your truck tent comes with and awning, that also is additional pole work inside the flap and into the tent. Two poles criss-cross each other inside the flap and two poles that have to be sized to be the same height to lift the awning up. If you choose not to have the awning you can simply roll it away tuck it under. These are usually extremely versatile you can switch it up and do what you wished as far as you are concerned. This should not take the user more than 5 to 15 minutes.

Setting Up Your SUV tent

Having an SUV will not stop you from enjoying your outdoor experience! I will explain how to set up an SUV tent to have a more suitable and enjoyable experience. First you will pick your spot, take your tent out of your bag, and unravel it. You will have some smaller fiberglass poles and larger steel poles. In most cases, the small fiberglass poles SUV tentare going to be used for the top of your tent and the stronger steel poles will be used for the sides and the bottom of your tent for stability. The poles for the SUV tent will usually be color coded as well to place them into the correct pole sleeves. Once you have placed the poles into the designated pole sleeves you can secure them with their pockets, stakes or clips that they came with. The next step is setting up by connecting the vehicle to the SUV tent through its vehicle sleeve. The vehicle sleeve will have straps that will hook onto the wheel well and tighten that way. ALWAYS make sure the exhaust pipe is outside of the vehicle sleeve! Next, if your SUV tent comes with a screen room, you would set up the poles for that part of the tent suv2the way you previously set up the main part of the tent. Setting up the rainfly is just as easy. The rainfly always has a designated side that faces the vehicle so make sure you know which side faces where. Typically, it says it on the rainfly. Setting in the rainfly, you can just clip it in and you are good to go! Family camping out of a vehicle is a thing of the future and now larger families can go have a great experience in the great outdoors with these SUV tent shelters.

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