Camping is a wonderful experience and a great way to feel connected to the outdoor world around you. A bubble tent is a unique way to experience camping. From inside the inflatable dome, you will be protected from insects and the weather, while being able to see everything. It is like sleeping in the open air.

They are for more than just camping. You can use them for backyards when you want to stargaze with your children. They make great outdoor shelters or an amusement area for your children. Set it up at a party and it surely will be a hit with all of your guests.

Different Bubble Tents Available

There are many different varieties available. The most common size fits two people. However, some on the market now can fit up to 8 people at a time. This is an awesome feature, especially if you have multiple friends or children. An average 3 to 4 person bubble tent is around 3 to 4 meters wide and 9 to 10 feet tall. However, some bubble tents can be as long as 12 feet in diameter!

Some people are intimidated by the total lack of privacy offered by the clear walls. Anyone walking nearby can watch you sleep. There are some that have surrounding walls, but leave the sky open. This means you can see out, but no one else can see in. If you are worried about privacy, that may be the way to go for you.

Another variation in these tents is the number of tunnels. Usually, bubble tents have one tunnel for entering and exiting the tent. Some have two tunnels. These are typically the larger types.

Bubble Tent with two tunnels

How Bubble Tents Work

Bubble tents are made from PVC and PVC tarpaulin. The tarpaulin is typically around 0.6mm thick. One of the most important benefits of a bubble tent is they are totally waterproof. Typically with a tent, you have to put some kind of a cover, like a tarp, over the top to make sure you are protected from the elements. The material of a bubble tent make it totally waterproof, as well as fire retardant.

When you purchase one of these blow up tents, you will receive an electric pump. You connect the pump to the bubble tent, and it inflates within 10 to 15 minutes. From this point, you have to run the pump periodically or continually in order to keep the air circulation flowing.

A kit will also come with a repair kit. The most common repair is a broken or bent pole. You can order a pole from the company; they are easily available. A split seam is also a common repair job. Your bubble tent should come with a small sewing kit; if not, carry one with you. Use small, even stitches to repair the split seam.

Some companies use tape-sealed seams. If this is the case, you can use seam sealer to repair the damage. Tears and punctures can be repaired as well with gaffer tape. It is important for any bubble tent owner to have a roll available.

How to Setup a Bubble Tent

  1. Lay down plastic or barrier between the ground and bubble tent.
  2. Take the bubble tent out of its bag carrier. The carrier is usually included in the package.
  3. Roll out the tent and spread it out along the barrier you placed on the ground. You should spread it out as well as you possibly can.
  4. Attach the hose to the bubble tent. This hose goes with the electric pump that will inflate the tent. This will inflate the tunnel entrance.
  5. Attach the blower to the port on the side of the bubble tent. It is a good idea to firmly tie the blower and the plastic tubing together, otherwise it can detach.
  6. It is important to leave the blower on continually or in intervals. Otherwise, the bubble tent can deflate.
  7. When you are finished with your bubble tent, detach the blower. The air will slowly come out of the bubble tent. Once all the air is nearly out, press down to make sure it is all out.
  8. Fold the tent in the same way that you did to unroll and place back inside of the carrier bag.

Things to Consider about Bubble Tents

It is important to note that you will need electricity in order to make the bubble tent work. Most camping sites offer electricity hook ups, but, unless you can use your vehicle, this means remote camping with the bubble tent may be a bit trickier.

Another factor to consider is the size of the bubble tent when deflated. It isn’t something you can easily haul around. A deflated bubble tent is around 95lbs, depending on the size. Some of the larger bubble tents can weigh as much as 220lbs.

The bubble tent is made of a clear, plastic type material. It is important to set it up under some sort of shade. As you can imagine, clear plastic is not going to defend your skin against the UV rays.

When the bubble tent is set up, it should be on a relatively flat surface. Some people recommend using a large sheet of wood under the bubble tent. Avoiding sharp rocks is a wise idea; bubble tents can be punctured.

Ideas for Your Bubble Tent

  • Most bubble tents are large enough to place a portable AC or heating unit inside. This is great for those hot (or cold) evenings!
  • Do you want a cozy reading area in your backyard? Set up your bubble tent complete with a lamp, a comfortable place to lay and pillows.
  • The options as to where to set up your bubble tent are endless! You can bring it to the beach, the woods, a large field, the desert and wherever you can think. You can use it during the winter and the summer.
  • Add a comfortable bed to your bubble tent. You should easily be able to get a full size bed into the tent.
  • A lovely rug will make a homey feel to the tent.

A bubble tent is a fun and unique way to enjoy the outdoors. If you have the money available to spend, it would be an investment that your whole family can enjoy all year around.

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