Many of us love to go camping as a great pastime activity. Since camping is usually done outdoors, you will make sure that your camping tents are fitted to withstand the elements giving you security and protection. There are several cheap camping tents available in the market, your choice should not be limited to low-priced products but you should also consider features and specifications that will make your camping adventure safe and comfortable.

The first consideration that you should account for is the sleeping capacity. You should choose a camping tent based on the size and how big your group is. Some tent models are designed to accommodate a single person while some are custom made to fit a group of 10 people. Other models are specifically designed for kids where they have the liberty of experiencing their own camping adventure, of course under the supervision of a nearby camping adult. Aside from the size of the group, you should also consider some extra space where you can place your outdoor equipment and other personal belongings.

You can also consider having a camping tent that can be used in different seasons. The most popular kind is the 3-seasons tent where it perfectly adapts during spring, summer and fall. This lightweight shelter is equipped with ample mesh panel to maximize air ventilation while keeping you away from mosquitoes and other insects. This also features a rainfly that enables your camping tent to withstand heavy downpours during storms, monsoon winds or perhaps a light snowfall, but serious campers in winter conditions would really be using a 4-season tent.

ProductTypeOur RatingPrice
Coleman Sundome 3-Person Dome Tent, Navy/Grey

Camping, 2-6 Person5

Our #1 choice for a basic camping tent
GigaTent Paramount 7' x 6' Camping Dome Tent

Camping, 2-3 Person4.5$
Airblasters Waterproof Family Camping Tent outdoors tent-2person

Camping, 2 Person4.5$
Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent-Red

Instant, 4 Person4.5$
OuterEQ Instant Automatic Camping Tent 3-4 Person Tent Outdoor Double Layer Tent Light Blue

Instant, 3-4 Person4.5$$
CORE 4 Person Instant Dome Tent - 9' x 7'

Instant, 4 Person4.5$$
ALPS Mountaineering 5024617 Lynx 1-Person Tent

Backpacking, 1 Person4.8$$
Ozark Trail 4-person Backpacking Tent 9'x7'

Backpacking, 1-3 Person4.8

Our #1 choice for a cheap backpacking tent
Ozark Trail Family Tent Sleeps 10., 21' x 15' x 78' Enlarged Dome Design


Our #1 pick for a really great, cheap family tent
Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent - 10 Person

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent - 16' x 9'

Wenzel Children's Sprout Two-Person Dome Tent, Red/Blue/White, 6 x 5-Feet

GigaTent Paramount 5' x 5' Camping Dome Tent


Cheap Camping Tents

These basic features of a camping tent will make your outdoor experience more enjoyable ultimately giving you a good night sleep. After all, you should consider your camping tent as your home away from home. For you to easily decide which camping tent perfectly suits your needs, we present to you our selection of cheap camping tents which incorporate the basic features into a design that will make your outdoor stay a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Coleman Sundome

This American made camping tent has different models to choose from where you can have a choice of 2, 3 or 4 person capacity. For example, the Coleman Sundome 8 x 7 can comfortably fit 4 persons and has a good central height where you can stand without touching the ceiling. This dome shape tent has a freestanding design that can easily be set-up and dismantled. Unlike other models where you need to crawl, you can enter the Coleman Sundome’s entrance through its large D-shape entrance. The interior features storage pockets where you can organize and store your belongings. The fabric is made from tough and durable polyester that doesn’t stretch out even if it is wet. It has a rainfly that keeps water from entering the top and an electrical capability via the Electrical Access Port where you can connect to a power source and energize your electrical gadgets.

But what stands out in the Coleman Sundome is its ability to be totally dry even in the event of hard rain showers. It’s patented WaterTec System has tightly sealed the 1000D polyethylene floor matting to the fabric using inverted seam sewing. When the tent is fully opened, you will notice that the floor matting comes up the sides a bit like a bath tub, to keep the floor totally dry.

Gigatent Paramount 7’ x 6’ Camping Dome Tent

We chose this tent because for the price, it is a real value. It is certainly not the best tent you’re going to find but the price it is really hard to beat. This is slightly smaller than the Coleman Sundome 8 x 7 where it can fit a maximum of 3 persons. However, if you are bringing some outdoor equipment, we recommend only 2 persons for this tent as the vacant space supposedly for the third person will be used instead for equipment storage.

Though this gigatent has the primary features of a camping tent like the shock-corded fiberglass poles and ultraviolet resistant fabric, other than those, this tent is really considered just a decent basic tent. There are no windows wherein the source of ventilation only comes from the main zippered door. The rainfly is relatively small based on the size of the tent. On the interior, you can only find one storage pouch that would have probably been better if there were at least 2 pouches.

The good though with this gigatent is that you can purchase separately a queen size air mattress that can be inflated and perfectly fits the contour of the groundmatting. You should also be aware especially if you just purchase a new unit where you can smell an unpleasant odor as a result of the polyethylene material of the groundmatting. But this will eventually subside just a few hours after full installation. So make sure to install this unit for the first time in an open space and let it air out a bit.

Airblaster Waterproof Family Camping Tent Outdoors Tent – 2 Person

This low cost tent is another one perfect for any outdoor activity as you can easily carry it when packed only weighing 3 pounds. As the name of this tent goes, air ventilation is quite good through its ground ventilation system and huge windows. This tent is best used during summer where you will appreciate its maximum ventilation characteristics which reduce heat brought about from a hot sunny day. This is a really versatile cheap tent that really gets the job done whether you’re out backpacking or your kids are using it camping out in the back yard. Also unlike some other choices, that for example say 3 person but really will only fit 2, this one is actually larger and has more room.

Cheap Instant Tents

These are the kind of tents that do not require full manual installation. The poles are already embedded in the fabric and all you need to do is to unfold and stretch out the poles, then viola, you tent is ready for use.

Our tendency in using this kind of tent, since they can easily be installed, we tend to place them without examining what could possibly be under the groundmatting. Most of us have this wrongdoing of not bothering to inspect our surroundings as a result of exhaustion from the day’s activity and ending up installing in a wet environment. This will moisten the groundmatting which you do not want to sleep on it. This can be resolved by placing a separate layer of groundmatting, mostly in the form of tarp, under the tent which further protects the groundmatting from sharp edges of rocks and the like. But for me, with or without tarp, the best way is to spare a little time and effort, no matter how exhausted you are, in selecting a nice place to set-up your tent. In this way, you will be rewarded with a dry and comfortable sleep.

Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent – Red

Pretty basic instant tent, and definitely one of the lowest priced choices. Though this is a big tent, this can easily be set up in less than 30 seconds. Four persons can be accommodated using their individual sleeping bags or lesser when you choose to fill a queen sized airbed. The Ozark Trail features an adjustable ground vent and a dual roof ventilation system for maximum air flow.

OuterEQ Instant Tent Camping Tent 3 – 4 person

Aside from the basic features of an instant tent, the OuterEQ has a double layered vestibule which serves as an additional protection from the elements and extra space for storage. This is a pretty basic tent, the frame goes up first by easily extending the poles and the floor and walls come up and clip onto the frame. A child can do put it up and take it down easily.

Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

I could say that the manufacturers of this tent have invested time and effort to make their fabrics cost-efficient. This one is a bit higher priced, but there is also a cheaper 3 person version available. Using their trademark Core H2O Block Technology, their water repellant fabric has been embedded with active beads that will have a faster water run-off. The door and window seams are tightly sealed making this tent ideal for the rainy season. The rainfly is securely fastened in the fabric but can be removed which exposes its meshed window.


Since backpackers like you are always on the go, the most important thing for backpacking tents is that it should be lightweight and can fit in your backpack along with your other gear, and not have to worry about it tearing or having any issues when you might be away from home for days or weeks at a time.

Alps Mountaineering Lynx

This is an all-weather tent where you can see that the rainfly goes all the way down to the floor and the seams are completely sealed. This freestanding tent can accommodate only a single person with enough space for your gear. When packed, it only measures 6 x 17 inches and weighs only 3 pounds making it very easy for hiking or backpacking.

Aside from being rain-resistant, this tent is also designed to withstand strong winds. It has a quick and weather-proof fly buckles that eases down the effects of strong winds.

Ozark Trail 4-person Backpacking Tent 9 x 7

While it can accommodate 4 persons, the Ozark trail is quite heavy weighing 7.9 pounds and measures 108 x 84 x 48 inches when packed. The most distinctive feature of this tent is the maximum ventilation through its four large windows and is highly recommended for summer use. You might also appreciate its built-in welcome mat making the interior always clean. Some have also put a twin mattress inside where it perfectly fits the ground matting with a little space at the side for your personal belongings.

Cheap Family Tents

These are the kind of tents that are relatively huge, they can fit your entire family and most models feature room compartments or dividers which give you some private space.

Ozark Trail Family Tent

This large family tent has 2 removable room dividers with a roll back rainfly, a screened porch and a tall central height. It’s enlarged dome design which allows you comfortably walk inside the tent.

For the price, this is quite a value for a family sized tent, and as far as we can tell, there are really no problems or issues with it at all.

Mountain Trail Grand Pass Tent

Measuring 18 x 6.3 x 10 feet, this tent comfortably accommodates 10 persons where you can roam around the 170 square foot area. Some have said this is even better than a small house where you find not just one door but two large D-shape doors. With this system, you can assign one door as the entrance while the other as your exit which can prevent bumping into each other if you have a large family going in and out.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent – 16’ x 9’

The fabric used in this tent is the same with the Core 3 Person Instant Dome Tent where water is easily repelled and runs down faster thereby preventing fabric sagging. This 9 person capacity dome tent features a zippered door panels. Each room compartment has its own lantern hook, window and pouches to keep you things organized.

In case you do not want to use the door panels keeping the whole interior open, you can install 3 queen air mattresses for a more comfortable sleep. On a rain-free night, you might as well open the adjustable air intake which is designed to draw in cool air from the ground and pushing hot air out of the ceiling mesh.

Cheap Camping Tents For Kids

Adults love to camp, so do our children. So why not buy your children their own camping tents. But this does not mean that they have the liberty to explore the outdoors without adult supervision.

Wenzel Sprout Kids Tent – 2 person

This small dome tent measuring 6 x 3.2 x 5 feet can accommodate 2 kids. Remember, 2 kids not adults. There is enough room for the kids to sleep with some space for their necessities. There is even a toy pouch at the side where they can temporarily store their favorite toys.

I bet your kids will love this. Some said this tent is not just been used in outdoor camping but has become an integral part of their children’s playroom. The one good thing about this tent is that the manufacturers made this tent durable enough to withstand our kids energetic movements.

GigaTent Paramount 5’ x 5’ Camping Dome Tent

Measuring only 5 x 5 feet, the size restriction will tell you that this tent is for kids only with enough room for elbow space and the usual twisting and turning which is a typical children’s sleeping habit. This one is basically a smaller version of the 7’ x 6’ tent we reviewed above. Getting the other one for you and your spouse, and this one for the kids would be a pretty cheap and easy way to get a family of two adults and two kids set up camping.