Every time the warm weather hits, people love to do things like lay outside and stare at the night sky. Sometimes they do so laying on a sheet or a beach chair, but you cannot deny the absolute comfort of a hammock. Warm summer breezes brush on your skin and you just enjoy the peacefulness and then you just start to wonder, why cant I just sleep on something like this when I go on an adventure? Fortunately for you as researchers have done their fair share of math and homework, they have come up with what they call “hammock tents”. At this point you decide to head for the hills into the forest, ditch your old tent and start grabbing at one of these innovative camping hammocks, or what I like to call them, tree tents!

ProductTypeOur RatingPrice
Hennessy Hammock - Expedition Zip

Camping Hammock4.6$$
Tentsile Connect 2-Person 4-Season Tree Tent Hammock with Rainfly, Dark Grey

Hammock Tent5

Our pick for the best tree tent of 2016
ECLYPSE II Backpacking Hammock - Ultralight and Compact with Superior Ripstop Nylon Strength - Includes Quality Bug Netting

Camping Hammock4.2$
Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free - Your Insect Free Sleeping Solution That Hangs Like A Hammock But Sleeps Like A Bed - Unique Patent Pending Asymmetrical Design Allows For An Amazingly Flat, Insect Free & Comfortable Sleeping Space

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed - Bug Free
Camping Hammock4.5$$
Motoraux Portable Backpacking Camping Outdoor Hammock Tent Supporting up to 400 Pounds, Parachute Folding Tree Hammocks with Mosquito Net(L x W - 98 inch x 47 inch)

Camping Hammock4.9$
Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, Forest Green

Camping Hammock4.7$$

What To Look For in A Hammock Tent

tentsileKnowing what to look for when you are going to purchase your first hammock tent is so important because there are so many factors that play into it. Knowing what kind of environment you will be in and how your travel will also be like can help you tremendously. Also, if you are a frequent backpacker and you like to travel greater distances, you should also like to keep in mind that you would like to look for something that weighs a little less on your backpack than most. A tree hammock that would offer more features typically will weigh a little more and something like that would be more suitable for a weekend camper. There are 3 types of hammock tents. There is the parachute nylon hammock tent. This kind of tent resistant and durable. These kinds of hammock tents are super stretchy and are able to allow the user to sleep in it for a few nights in a row. The second one is the ultralight hammock tent. These are very compact and made with materials making it very light. The last one is the expedition hammock tent. This is made with high quality materials offering maximum protection during backpacking adventures. These offer the extra features.

Camping Hammock Features And Accessories

Hennessy Hammock – Expedition Zip

Hammock camping involves some awesome features that can make your experience so much more enjoyable as long as your looking for the right things. So, consider the things you would need for it. Would your weather conditions call for rain? If so then a portable hammock with a rain fly. Some also have bug nets to keep them from pestering you as you relax in your tent hammock. It is not a mandatory thing for you to have something over you when you are sleeping in one so you can be completely open. Also you should take into consideration if this is going to be a primary sleeping
situation or if this is going to be what you are going to use to lounge in. However, lounging in this would be a great way to start you off to get used to sleep in this if you were interested in eventually using this as a primary means of sleep.

Materials such as nylon or cotton make a difference in your purchase as far as weight is concerned. Cotton makes your backpacking hammock slightly heavier versus nylon where it makes it lighter. Cotton has a more cosmetic advantage and nylon can repel water better than cotton can.


Making sure you are comfortable is extremely important. Most people like yourself I am almost positive will agree that having a good night sleep is almost a win for anyone. The parachute nylon hammock tent is usually what most consumers go for due to the stretchy fabric that it has to offer and the awesome space that it also provides. Never forget that you should not sacrifice weight for comfort either! Some hammock tents actually are designed to keep your back from bowing so it stays straight when you sleep at night. These kinds of tents may be perfect for you if you suffer from back injuries or if you have other kinds of back issues but still would like to enjoy the great outdoors.


Hammock tents or Tree tents are held in mid air with strong climbing ropes and carabiners. Many beginners do have first time “what if’s” with hammock tents falling – they won’t. The research has been done over and over to ensure your safety that you will not fall with your hammock tent. Of course unless you exceed your weight limit or set it up incorrectly. However, most hammock tents come with the necessary parts that are required to make set up possible. Some companies sell the parts that you would need separate. These parts would be the carabiner and the climb ropes that you would use to attach the hammock to the tree.

Tentsile Tree Tent
Our #1 Choice For A Tree Tent – Tentsile Tree Tent Hammock

Tree Tent Reviews

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series offers all the odds and ends that you could possibly want! The only thing that this backpacking hammock does not offer is that it is not a double sleeper hammock. This does allow a person over six feet tall to sleep comfortably, this does include the bug net and the rain fly. This tree hammock includes
the asymmetrical side zipper closure as well. The fabric is made out of the 210D Oxford nylon and their rain fly is made out of 70D Polyurethane Coated Polyester Ripstop so this way they cut down on weight and reduce wrinkles on the fabric. The maximum weight limit on this hammock tent is 250 lbs and the carry weight of this travel hammock is 2 lbs and 12 oz.

Tentsile Connect 2-Person 4-Season Tree Tent Hammock with Rainfly

This hiking hammock is extremely spacious and very comfortable. This includes the rainfly as well so when the weather calls for precipitation, it wont be an issue for you. This also has the bug net over the tent so you do not have to worry about being pestered by annoying mosquitoes and flies. Anyhow, This tent can support a maximum weight limit of 880 lbs and weights up to 15 lbs. This tent is also made out of a nylon fabric so the rain will not be absorbed by it. The best part about this product is that as you lay down in this hammock tent, you dont feel yourself curved like a human banana inside most of these tents. This specific one keeps your back straight, thus the added comfort. Last but not least, this tent allows for two people to sleep comfortably inside of this tent.

ECLYPSE II Backpacking Hammock

This specific hammock tent is ideal for the dedicated traveler because of its ultralight design. It only weighs a mere 16.7 ounces when it is packed up. It is super compact. This also includes the bug net so you will not be eaten alive by annoying mosquitoes at anytime. You would be sleeping in comfort due to its high quality nylon design and strategic stitching to reduce pressure points. This hiking hammock supports up to 400 lbs and this .05mm ripstop material is superior to parachute nylon and other grades of ripstop fabric. You really can’t go wrong with this hammock tent when you are looking for some bang for your buck.

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free
Hammock Bliss Sky Bed - Bug Free
Hammock Bliss Sky Bed – Bug Free

This tree tent is really more directing towards something that keeps out the bugs but has a very lightweight feature about it as well. This tree tent weights only 32 ounces and supports 350 lbs. This would certainly fit in the ultralight hammock tent category for its compact and weight criteria. This includes an inflatable pad to add to your comfort and adding a sort of wind breaker feature to keep you warmer when you sleep. This tree tent has a mesh nylon fabric specially designed for bug prevention and a special rope suspension feature as well for added security when you are hanging there from tree to tree.

Motoraux Portable Backpacking Camping Outdoor Hammock Tent

This is great for a beginner! The setup for this hammock tent is super easy due to the pop-up ends of the mesh bug net. The Motoraux Portable Backpacking Camping Outdoor Hammock Tent can support up to 400 pounds of weight and is super light when it is packed up. When it is packed up, it only weighs 25 ounces. This tent is also made out of the ripstop nylon fabric so this does have that comfortable stretch. The sides also contain compartments so you can put personal belongings in there such as cell phones or small objects that you would not want to lose. When you first receive this tent in the box you order it in, you do not even believe that it is even in there. That is how lightweight this product is. This is also great for the dedicated traveler who is looking to shed some weight off their weight off their backpack.

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

The Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is another winner in my book. This one has also eliminated the “banana” effect that other hammock tents create. The rain fly is detachable on this tent so you can technically go “topless” if you truly wanted to with this hammock tent. The interior of the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is incredibly spacious and it also supports a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds. When this hammock tent is packed up it only weighs about 4.25 pounds.

So, In Conclusion

Whether you are using these absolutely wonderful products to go backpacking out in the wilderness, choosing to stop and lounge with your hammock tent at the beach or going into the mountains and spending the night in the mountains, these are going to make all the difference.