Tired of having an outdoor vacation where you manually set up your tent to the ground, grab your things from the car, organize it inside the tent than packing again before taking down and repeat the whole process in the next trip? Worry no more. With the help of your truck, you can already organize your things at the back of your truck before you leave home and just setup your tent within your truck once you arrive at your destination. Sounds more logical, right?

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

We present to you the truck tent. Your outdoor experience will be the same as with other tents, except that you are elevated and will be more protected through the confines of your truck from sudden harsh conditions of nature. You will also be free from insect crawlers that may abound in the ground. You may also forget sleeping on uneven grounds as you can now sleep flat at the back of your truck. One distinct impression truck tent owners made is the close proximity and access to the amenities your truck offers. Truck tents are very nifty that they transform your truck’s rear into an instant mini-camper making it a home away from home.

Our Winner

Thinking about making a purchase? There are several truck tent brands and models available but the Rightline Gear (110750) 5.5’ Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent is our best choice. It features a floorless design that allows you to set up and take down the tent without removing your things. This in turn saves time when you plan to camp in several spots or use the truck to get to a destination. Even if you are guaranteed to sleep on a flat surface, you can still have the option to place an air mattress making it more comfortable like the ones coming from Truck Beds or Air-Bedz. Whichever you like, we highly recommend that you place a tarp to cover your truck’s floor as grease and other lubricants may be present.

You may be worried in setting up the tent where you may be thinking that you will need a stepping stool to reach the poles with reference to trucks already tall height. We guarantee you that your feet will be on the ground without the need in getting inside the truck’s rear. In setting up the tent, you need to open the tailgate and unfold the tent laying it on the rails of the truck bed. Slide the two corners of the tent at the tailgate and secure the other two corners by fastening the straps to the underside of the truck. By the way, the straps are made from soft polypropylene material designed not to scratch or damage your truck’s paint. After the tent is firmly attached to the truck, you can now unfold the poles and insert them in the pole pockets. You will observe that the poles have different lengths and have a color coding which follows a specific pocket to be inserted.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Important reminder: if you decide to drive around with a fully installed tent, we highly advised not to. Driving with a fully installed tent can jeopardize the stability of the poles and the fabric may get in contact with the hot exhaust. You need to fully take down the tent before driving. The good thing though, you do not need to get rid of your things inside the truck’s bed.

Similar with other tents, the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent has a water resistant fabric with sealed seams. There is good ventilation from it’s side windows and a huge meshed front door. At night while laying down, you can have a good sight of the stars through its sky view vent. In case of a sudden monsoon, you can easily cover and install its rainfly. Some have said that this truck tent is very tough in dealing with strong winds with the additional protection provided by the metal sides of your truck. It can comfortably accommodate 2 people. The interior features 2 gear pockets, a lantern hanging hook and a glow in the dark zipper which is very useful in case you want to go out in the middle of the night.

There is one thing though that you must take note: the truck tent’s length. Not all truck lengths are the same. So the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent has made several length variations to fit different sizes of the truck. The standard size for a truck tent is 5.5 feet and may go up to 8 feet depending on the model of your truck. You can check what particular tent model length fits your truck by using its own Truck Tent Sizing Guide. To double check it before you purchase, measure the bed length of your truck including the length occupied by the tailgate when it is opened and cross check it with the guide. It should be fitted within a few inches difference. Just in case your truck is not listed in the guide, it means that there’s no particular model that can custom fit your truck.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

In case your truck is installed with a Bakflip Tonneau cover, you can still use and install the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent. Just make sure to fold the backflip all the way and use some ropes to firmly secure the backflips arms. Some have considered the folded bakflip as an instant shelf where you can place anything as long as it is not sharp or breakable. If you have a tool box positioned at the back of your truck, you can still use the tent. But depending on the size, it will definitely use some space and will limit your leg room.

As for the pricing, the Rightline Gear (110750) 5.5’ Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent is not really a “cheap” product. But we would like to emphasize that it is definitely cheaper than other models around so it’s our choice for the best cheap truck tent.

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