The water, sun, beauty of nature, and of course having good times, we all love to go to the beach. Who doesn’t? Most of us get a feeling of excitement when someone invites us to swim, party or relax at the beach. We tend to pack our personal things and beach equipment quickly placing them in our backpacks, with the chance of forgetting something behind.

The water, sun, beauty of nature, and of course having good times, we all love to go to the beach. Who doesn’t? Most of us get a feeling of excitement when someone invites us to swim, party or relax at the beach. We tend to pack our personal things and beach equipment quickly placing them in our backpacks, with the chance of forgetting something behind.

Arriving at your local beach, what we often do is settle down first before taking a dip in the cool ocean water. Most of the time, there can be other beach-goers nearby already enjoying the sun and water making you in a hurry to settle down and set-up your things due to the excitement to enjoy your beach day with your pals. As these beach-goers will usually look at what you are doing, you might become self-conscious because by this time, your feet are already getting very hot from the sand and you are anxious to have your things all set up but you’re almost ready to go. Most of the other beach goers you see around you have something they do not have, which are beach tents and you suddenly realize how awesome it would be to have one for yourself. Now, it is a great time to buy your own beach tent.

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Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL

EasyGo Shelter - Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella Tent Sun Sport Shelter

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter, Blue

Sport-Brella Beach Umbrella - Portable sun and weather shelter and family beach tent with carry bag

Lightspeed Outdoors Bahia Quick Pop Up Beach Sun Shade, Blue

E-Z UP SR9104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy, Blue

MonoBeach TM Beach Tent, Sun Shelter Automatic Pop Up Beach Cabana Quick Tent


Features You Want In a Beach Tent (Exterior)

A beach tent resembles a typical camping tent but it is specifically designed for beach use. The front part of a beach tent is usually open compared to the typical compact-type that has a fabric closure acting like a door and can be secured using zippers in forms of doors to enter and exit a tent. What is also distinct with a beach tent is that they have a modified vestibule or an upper fabric extension which gives you additional shade from the sun. In a typical tent, this is the shaded place where you place your boots and cooking equipment. But in the case of beach tent, this is the area where you can sit down on a chair giving you a nice front view of the beach. Depending on what you want, vestibules can be an integrated part of the tent or can be removed as an accessory. Dome shape is the most common type of beach tent that are usually made of polyester fabric. It is also important that the fabric should be water-repellant as the weather along the coastline may become unpredictable causing unexpected rainshowers. Instead of sagging in, water will just drip off. Common to all compact-types of tent, the fabric is distinctly sewn to provide external attachment for poles. The poles functions as structural support of the tent that are made of light-weight and semi-rigid metal alloy that can be collapsed for easy transport and usually comes with its own pouch for storage. Stakes, commonly called as pegs, are very important in a beach tent. They fasten the tent to the ground giving more stability from the sudden gush of winds. Keep in mind that you do not just push the pegs vertically down to the ground. It is best to peg it at right angles for maximum strength. Beach tents also have built-in sand pouches where you can pour sand adding to the tents firmness to the ground.

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Features You Want In A Beach Tent (Interior)

Now we go to the interior parts of a beach tent. The groundsheet is the bottom layer of the tent that gives a protective layer from the ground. It is usually made up of a sturdy material like canvas where you can place your belongings. This is also the part where rigid straps are attached to the corners in which the stakes are pegged down. The groundsheet also determines the floor area of the tent where it should provide enough space for you and your personal belongings. After all, what good does a beach tent do if it does not fit you inside. Depending on what you want, there are models that can fit a single person or can easily accommodate up to 4 persons. What is important is that the length should comfortably fit the occupants while lying down as you need to rest or get a nap after swimming. Do not forget before you sleep, place all your important belongings like money, mobile phone and the like at the built-in pouch usually located at the side just next to where you are lying down. Air vents or windows are also an important feature of a beach tent. It does not just allow the air to flow freely but also reduces the effects of condensation caused not just by the sun’s heat but also from our warm body temperature.

Beach Tent Reviews

After knowing the basic characteristics and features of a beach tent, let us now try to review various merchandise made by companies who are committed in making high quality products. We present to you our 7 most popular beach tent products that are readily available online.

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

This lightweight and compact unit is a good starter piece if you want to unwind and relax on the beach. Despite measuring only 41 x 5 inches when packed, the EasyUp beach tent when assembled, gives you a secured area measuring 220 x 125 cm and a height of 120cm. This can comfortably accommodate 2 persons where you still have enough space for your personal belongings that is protected from the sun and sand.

The EasyUp beach tent can easily be set-up and taken down in seconds using the EasyUp Hub System. Unlike the older version of tents where the poles are a separate unit from the tent and needs to be manually connected and installed, the poles in the EasyUp beach tent are integrated in the tent itself. Once unpacked, all you need to do is extend and stretch out the poles then pull the draw strings out until you hear a clicking sound. Just imagine you are using a typical umbrella which gives a clicking sound once the canopy is fully extended. The main difference here is you need to tie the draw strings to prevent sudden and unintended folding. After securely tying the strings, your EasyUp beach tent is ready for use.

We highly suggest that you should use the provided stakes giving more stability to the tent in case of strong wind. Make sure to attach the stakes at the allocated loops and pegged it to the sand or ground in a right angle, not directly vertical. If you think that the wind will get stronger, then you might consider filling up the sand pouches located at each side of the tent.

When packing up, just untie the draw strings and push down the poles of the lower hub and the tent will just slide down on its own. The EasyUp Hub System totally eliminates your struggle in setting up and packing back the tent. What is even better with the EasyUp beach tent is you can slide it in your backpack and take it where you want to go as it only weighs 4.5 pounds. The EasyUp beach tent is not just for the beach but it’s also great for other outdoor activities.

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL

If you are looking for a beach tent that can fit a small group, then this is the one for you. The makers of the EasyUp beach tent has improved its design and developed a tent that is large enough and providing more space. Extending to a floor size measuring 240 x 130 cm and a height of 132 cm, this can easily accommodate 4 persons with enough room for your personal belongings and beach equipment.

Since this is a bigger tent and needs more stability, you need to fill the 5 sand pouches; 2 pouches located at each side and one at the back end. Stakes are highly recommended to be pegged to the sand or at the ground for additional strength against strong winds.

Setting up this tent is similar with handling the EasyUp beach tent. It still uses the EasyUp Hub System, wherein with just a pull of a draw string, the tent will set itself in place. The only difference with these two models is that you need to stretch out and locked into position the 2 front poles of the EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL. This is the part where the vestibule can be fully extended giving you more canopy and shade protection.

The only downside of the EasyUp beach tent Deluxe XL is the size when packed as you need it to carry it separately and might not fit your backpack. Also, it weighs slightly heavier at 6 pounds, but other than that, the EasyUp beach tent deluxe XL is still perfect for the beach and other outdoor activities.

EasyGo Shelter – Instant Easy Up Beach Umbrella Tent Sun Sport Shelter

This is one of the beach tents that can withstand strong winds. The tent’s sand pouch is designed to be poured with wet sand giving it more weight and stability. Another thing that makes the EasyGo Shelter wind resistant has something to do with its floor matting design. The floor mat covers the whole bottom part of the tent and does not have a flap which extends outside the tent’s frame making it aerodynamic. There is a little wind drag though in the small overhang that goes all the way to the top. But in return, this strain in design will give you additional shade.

What is really interesting in the EasyGo shelter is the ability of its floor matting in heat reduction. Since most of us install our beach tent in direct sunlight, heat will accumulate inside the tent making it super-hot in some instances. With the zinc-coated polyester material of the EasyGo shelter’s floor, it reflects the heat back instead of absorbing it. In effect, the ground under the floor matting will have a maintained temperature and some had claimed that they were able to lie down and even got a power nap.

Except for the features previously described, the EasyGo shelter has similar features with other beach tents which can easily be installed and packed up using a mechanical hub system. It can also comfortably accommodate 4 persons while squatting or perhaps you may think of placing a pair of chair inside where you can sit down and have a relaxing view of the beach. The only problem that you might encounter with using the EasyGo shelter is while you are on travel as the whole unit weighs 8.4 pounds.

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter

What we usually experience with our beach shade tent is that we have this problem of limited space for ground matting and we often buy a separate floor matting just to give us an additional ground space that is free from sand. The Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter is one of the few, if not, the only product that has a built-in extended floor matting called as the front porch.

What is good with this extended matting feature is that you have an extra space outside the tent’s interior that is free from sand. Instead of placing your chairs inside the tent, you can now place it in the extended matting making more room inside the tent for your personal belongings. Some even claimed that placing chairs on the extended matting will act as a security boundary where dirty-minded thieves will have no easy and direct access to your valuables.

Despite the additional material used in making the front porch, the Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter is still compact and lightweight as it only weighs 6 pounds and can accommodate to a maximum of 4 persons, excluding the one’s sitting in the front porch.

Sport-Brella Beach Umbrella – Portable Sun and Weather Shelter and Family Beach Tent with carrying bag

This unit is another member of the super lightweights for beach tents. Just imagine this unit as a portable beach umbrella tent with a long pole leaning on its side plus side fabric covering but without the floor matting. I can safely say this is a fusion of two closely related units: an umbrella and a tent.

This beach parasol will definitely suit your needs if you like being able to just pick up and move easily from one spot to another. On or off the beach, you can set it in the center hole of a picnic table and then take it out and walk around with it and set it down wherever you want. If you’re looking for a very light, extremely easy to use tent, this is probably going to be the best beach shade you’ll find, with a rugged structure where the central pole can be adjusted depending on the length and angle you want. Just open it like your typical umbrella and put it down leaning on the side after which the side covers can be pegged down to the ground. You have the option to open the zippered windows in the side covers for maximum airflow.

Unlike in other beach tent models, the downside of using the Sport-Brella is that it does not come with a built-in ground matting exposing you directly to the sandy surrounding. But what is good with the Sport-Brella is that it provides you with a maximum frontal view as compared to other units where your sight can be blocked with overhangs and canopy attachment.

Lightspeed Outdoors Bahia Quick Pop Up Beach Sun Shade

If you are always on the go and needs a beach tent that is both compact, durable, stable and lightweight, then grab this Bahia model made by Lightspeed Outdoors. Weighing only 4.2 pounds, this tent can be considered as one of the lightest beach tent units available in the market today.

Being light does not mean that its overall quality has been compromised. It features the same mechanical hub system that easily installs and dismantles the unit. In fact, this unit has been specifically designed to be cool and comfortable. The fabric is made from breathable polyester allowing air to freely gush in to the fabric. It has three huge zippered windows at the side where you can open it for maximum ventilation.

Canopy Tent Reviews

E-Z UP SR9 104BL Sierra II 10 by 10-Feet Canopy

This Instant up sun shelter canopy offers cooling shade when and where you need it. The steel frame creates a super sturdy base, while the dome top offers fantastic shade to lounge beneath or watch from the sidelines. Its instant up design set-up is as easy as pie, including 4 ground stakes for extra stability. This beach shade canopy folds down to fit inside its carrying bag for the ultimate convenience.

I can safely say that this is the mother of all portable beach tents if you have a large group or are planning to have food set up on a table or if you wanted to do some grilling. Perfect for bigger groups, the Sierra II gives you a huge canopy shade of up to 8 square feet and a floor area of 10 square feet. The good thing with this unit despite its relative size is that is has no loose parts and everything is integrated into a single unit. Both the legs and the arm poles can be easily stretched out and retracted afterwards.

Once the angle legs are locked in to place and the canopy is standing, you will have ample shaded space where you usually place a small table with chairs. With no side cover, you will enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and your surroundings. Of all the different options we looked at, we believe this one this one to be the best beach canopy.


Beach Tents for Babies

Monobeach TM Portable Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Automatic Pop Up Baby Sun Shelter

This one is a beach shelter just for your baby or toddler. Its a pop up tent that folds down making it easy to carry on and off the beach, or wherever you’re planning to use it, you can just put it in the pouch on the stroller or in your bag. The nylon fabric is UV rated 50+ UPF for sun protection. Thinking about having a beach day with your infant or toddler but want some sun shade for the beach for them as well? This baby tent or shade tent for the beach would be absolutely perfect! The best part about this baby sun tent is that it has the easiest set up ever. There is no hassle to setting up parts which makes this product so much more convenient to have. So many moms everywhere all agree that this pop up tent is a must-have.

In Conclusion…

So the next time you go to the beach, do not forget to bring your own beach tent. Aside from providing space for your belongings, it also gives you a place to rest without soaking in the sand. Lastly, when you see someone having difficulties settling down their things, do not embarrassed them. Instead, invite them for a shady chat and share with them the benefits of having a beach tent.