I’m Johnny D, camping and fishing addict, entrepreneur and the editor here at OnlyTentSource.com and the one behind all these reviews and articles. johnnydI built this website because I was looking for information about a specific type of camping tent and realized there wasn’t much out there. With my 15+ years experience with camping, fishing and enjoying everything outdoors, I thought I could be the one to make that site. I’ve tried and used almost all of the fishing and camping equipment out there. From multiple week long backpacking hikes in the Adirondacks to just spending the night out on the beach. I’ve been outdoors enjoying nature every chance I could get since I was very young.

I got together with my buddy Fabian and we started writing about and further testing the tents we’ve been using.

Camping Tents have been around for ages and are continuing to become more popular, especially the newer types like inflatable and truck tents. With these new types of tents coming out every year, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a place where people could get some information before making a purchase.

We aim to provide unbiased reviews of the best tents from around the world, so if you’d like to see one added, feel free to leave a comment! I encourage all my readers to be as interactive as possible.